And how is your 3 day weekend? If you didn’t get today off, your boss is a jerk and you have my permission to quit. Black Spruce Hound, giving sound job advice since 2013.

Anywho. Most of you are probably relaxing outside (if you live in an area similar to mine, you’re relaxing outside and trying to avoid tourists) but I thought I’d post today anyway. Just in case you’re a shut-in or something. Yes, YOU. 

There haven’t been any knitting posts in awhile, but I haven’t given it up! I started this top in February, and finished it last week. Oy vey.

Even though the pattern was supposed to be fairly simple for a beginner, (and it was) it was a real bear to finish. If you screwed up even one stitch, it threw the entire pattern off. Hence it taking me 3 entire months to complete.

But complete it I did, and I love the finished product. It makes my boobs look gigantic, but my boobs are gigantic, so it’s a wash.

 Enjoy the remainder of your holiday, and I shall see you on Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Still Knitting: Sleeveless Top”

  1. Well, the model in the knitting pattern photo is approximately half the size I am, so I didn't notice any bust enhancement on her. But yeah. WOW. If you're looking for insta-boob, take up knitting!

  2. The knitted top turned out great! Did the pattern mention that it would enhance your figure? For that kind of enhancement, even I would consider taking up knitting!

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