This gigantic bird was sitting on a tiny limb in a poplar tree last week. It was much too fat to be up there, but it was determined to eat the new buds on the tree.

It’s a female spruce grouse. I had no clue what it was, my first reaction was WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!? But the man of the house identified said bird, ending my confusion.

See you Monday!

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Spruce Hen”

  1. Thanks for identifying the bird since I didn't recognize it. The coloring reminded me of a quail, but I knew it wasn't. The spruce grouse appears to be delighted that spring has finally arrived. Here it is the squirrels that go out on skinny branches to eat the buds.

  2. Aww, you're going to give the "gigantic" "fat" bird a complex!

    I hope you're submitting your photos to some of those photo stock sites for a bit of extra moola. You do good work!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    1. In my defense, even the tree thought the bird was a bit too heavy – the branches were bowed down ridiculously far with that girl on them.

      It has never even crossed my mind to submit photos to a stock site, I'll have to look into it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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