They’ve quieted down a bit now, but the last few weeks have been so loud around here. Frogs. Being raucous since…hell, I dunno, THE DAWN OF TIME.

I went out and peered into the swamp and saw this guy. My apologies if you don’t like frogs.

See you on Monday!

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Frogs”

  1. Guess what? Big Giant snake must have known I was talking about him/her because he/she was back again this afternoon. Looks to be at least 3 feet long. At least (sex unknown) wasn't in the house. That would have done me in.

    1. I WAS out there taking picture of it and watching for a while to see where it headed. No, I don't whack the heads off nonpoisonous snakes. Live and let live as long as they stay outside. Now, poisonous snakes are a completely different story.

    2. Oh gosh, we don't have poisonous snakes up here. Thank goodness. Of the 3 varieties we do have, only garter snakes get the head lopping treatment because they breed like rabbits. The other snakes are fine by me, mostly because one type is so small and harmless and the other is huge and scares the crap out of me.

  2. What a fine frog! No wonder it's been noisy around there. He looks like he has quite the vocals.

    On a completely different topic, we saw a LARGE (ok, GIANT) rat snake in the yard last week. Who did I think of? Was it you? Because I know how much you would have appreciated it.

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