The song might say Monday, but my Monday was pretty straightforward and simple. Not manic. Today, however, is slightly manic-y.

First up, it be May 1. In case you were not aware of that. Today the husband is 3 hours away taking a test for his job. Which he’s been fairly nonchalant about, to be honest. If it were me taking a test, I’d have a bleeding ulcer by now.

Second…today I am filling out the paperwork for my first dentist appointment in, oh, about 12 years. My appointment is bright and early tomorrow morning, and I shall finally find out if I have wisdom teeth or not. At this point I’m terrified the dentist is going to tell me they’re burrowing out the bottom of my jaw like tusks.

Third, the weather has been gorgeous the last few days. (Today, tomorrow, and the next few days are supposed to be cold again, of course.)

The windows are thrown open wide, which in turn signifies the dog’s favorite season – The Time of Year When I Get to BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK Every Time Someone Walks By.

That wouldn’t be so bad, really, but she’s a hound. So it’s more like BAY BAY BAY. And she’s super friendly, so it’s more like BAY BAY BAY WHIIIIIIIINE BAY WHIIIIIINE because she wants to go outside and lick everyone to death.

Whoever started that vicious lie that bloodhounds are lazy and sleep all day deserves to get punched in the wiener.

See you in a few!

2 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Wednesday. Shut Up, Bangles.”

  1. Good luck with the dental appointment. Hope it goes well. Good luck also to your husband. Glad he's not sweating bullets over the exam.

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