This year I bid adieu to the square foot garden in the backyard. We had a pretty good run, but the slugs get worse every year. The little bastards ate about 80% of the beets last year, and that was the last straw.

This year, everything is in containers. SLUGS BE DAMNED.

The square foot garden was a raised bed affair, held in place by old cedar logs. Last week my husband grabbed his skidding tongs and ripped the logs out.

 Then he hopped on the tractor and used the blade to smooth everything out. No more raised beds!

I was working in a supervisory capacity during all of this, of course.

Earlier this week it was my turn, and I raked the yard smooth and planted a boatload of grass seed.

All the plants for this year’s garden are already planted. Most are in 5 gallon buckets.

I know. Very alluring. Soon I’ll get some burlap and cover up the buckets with it. Then they won’t look quite so….rednecky. 

The lettuces and spinach are planted in this big ol’ thing. This used to be the ducks’ swimming pool.

I’m tempting fate frost by planting everything this early, but I appear to be in the clear. The weather has been warm and rainy, and everything is growing pretty well.

New flowers were added to the flowerbed in the front yard as well. I meant to buy pansies and bought petunias instead. Close enough.

The pansies from last year look amazing:

The petunias are shades of pink, except for this guy – I believe this type is called ‘candy cane.’ Or something vaguely Christmas-y.

The plant looks a bit sad yet, it didn’t much care for being transplanted.

And that’s this year’s garden. We’ll see how it goes. I’m a pessimistic gardener; I think everything is going to die on me. That way, when it survives, I’m always pleasantly surprised.

See you on Friday!

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