OMG, you guys. I watched ‘Elizabeth’ last night and was so distracted by how un-foxy Daniel Craig used to be that I forgot to actually write today’s blog post. It was scheduled and ready to go, but I forgot to do the actual, ya know, writing and picture thing.

And then I slept late, so several of you saw a blank post this morning. Oops!

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, when it was actually warm enough to go outside and do something. Today it’s snowing. Again.

This is the smaller of the two wood piles we have yet to split. Some of the pieces are a wee bit large.

Send help. And vodka.

See you on Monday!

One thought on “Photo Friday: I Blame Daniel Craig”

  1. That's better. Well, not better that you have to split all that wood and it is snowing again, just better that I wasn't going blind.

    Have a great weekend.

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