My mother-in-law found this lamp while doing a bit of spring cleaning.

What a beaut.

The lamp was headed for the garbage, but I snatched it instead. I loved the shape, and figured it could be revamped a bit.

But someone, at some point in time, was an evil genius. As far as I can tell, those flowers were cut from a magazine and stuck to the lamp with Mod Podge.

If you are a crafty person you know how Mod Podge is – you could permanently glue every member of Van Halen to your ceiling with that stuff.

First, I used a sanding block to sand off the flowers. This was way more difficult than it sounded, because those babies did not want to come off. By the time the flowers were sanded off, there were little divots all over the lamp where the flowers used to be.

To be honest, I didn’t really care about the divots. So I spray painted right over everything.

Turquoise for the round part, and silver for the top. The lamp shade is a bit big, but it was on clearance at ShopKo for $9, so a large lamp shade it shall be. 

I like it! It adds a much-needed bit of color to the living room, divots and all.

See you on Friday!

6 thoughts on “Old Lamp to New Lamp”

  1. Wow! You inspire me — LOVE IT!

    Throw together a bit of Podge and Daniel Craig and you'd be in heaven! (What gal wouldn't be?!)

    Sorry, I couldn't resist adding that… it's been one of those days [weeks, months, years…LOL].

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