First of all, I would like it to be known that this staircase was finished without me consuming even 1 bottle of wine. Brandy slush yes, but that doesn’t count.

Of course I forgot to take a before picture, so just imagine a plain and slightly narrow staircase covered with blue carpeting. And dog hair. It didn’t take very long before the old stairs looked like this:

Nonexistent, that is. There’s a closet under the stairs, and that was cleaned out. Revealing not one but 2 lovely pieces of 40 year old old carpeting. And one box of D-Con that was probably brought over on the Mayflower. 

The carpet was removed, along with old, thin insulation. New insulation and a new subfloor was put in. By the way, this is a very basic summary that glosses over the nastier parts of the renovation. This is an older home with more quirks than Tammy Faye Bakker at a rave, so I’m cutting this short for the sake of brevity.
Some of the knotty pine was replaced with drywall to help brighten the living room. I love me some knotty pine, and the pine had darkened over the years to a really gorgeous color – but our living room doesn’t get a ton of natural light. It becomes rather…tomb-ish during the winter when the days are short. At some point the rest of the living room will be done – the bottom portion of each wall will be left pine (because I also love me some wainscoting) and the upper portion will be drywalled and painted.

The closet received a new laminate floor (leftover from the master bedroom closet, for we are nothing if not thrifty) and the new steps were put in. 

We were about 2 weeks into the project at this point. Just so you know the extent of my suffering.

During the next few days, the stairs were stained and painted, and 3 weeks to the day after starting, THUNDERCATS WERE GO! Finally.


There are a few pieces of trim that still need to be put up, and some painter’s tape is still stuck to the damn steps, but it’s finally finished. My husband wasn’t sure he would like the dark steps with the pine on the walls, but he’s come around to it. Which is good because if he wants to change it at this point, I will stab him with a shiv.

My favorite part of the new stairs? Before I stained them, the dog must have gotten something oily on her feet and then went upstairs.

Stained and sealed under polyurethane, my dog’s footprints shall live FOREVER!

See you in a few!

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  1. Wow! Looks terrific and I love how your dog's pawprint says, "And I helped." (In case you are too young to remember, which I'm sure you are, that line comes from an OLD Shake 'N Bake commercial.)

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