Random Occurrences from the Past Week, Because There’s Not a Whole Lot Else To Talk About Right Now:

– We are now 2.5 weeks into The Staircase Project. The finish line is in sight. Sweet fancy Moses.


– Last week I made, and ate, tiramisu for the first time. And now I get it.
– I also ate my first Jammie Dodger last week. I get that now as well. British snack foods for the win!
– Digging through old 45s instead of finding useful employment? Yes, please. Except now I need to buy a record player.

– Downward facing dog.

– New jewelry listed in the shop.

– Which led to learning how to pronounce ‘chalcedony’ correctly. By the way, the ‘ch’ is pronounced like a K. At this point I’m just thankful I found that out before saying it in front of someone who is smarter than me and knows about such things.
– And I just stopped in the middle of writing this to look up British snacks on Amazon, and OH MY GOD THEY HAVE CURLY WURLIES! I don’t even know what those are but they were mentioned on ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ and now I have to have them. And McVities biscuits. And Chocolate Hobnobs. Again, no clue, but American snacks are very poorly named in comparison. ‘Oreo’ just doesn’t have the same ring as Chocolate Hobnob. Which sounds…ya know…dirty, but still.

I would say I’m getting off topic, but who the hell knows what topic I was on in the first place. I’ll return on Friday, with more coherence!

7 thoughts on “Jammie Dodgers and Downward Facing Dogs”

  1. I don't know if you have Cost Plus World Market where you live, but they sell McVities biscuits. They're so good! Like a really crunchy thin cookie. We always got the ones with chocolate coating on them when we used to get them. ~Angela~

  2. As I vacuumed the carpet on the stairs, I thought whatever I do, don't pull up the carpet. Just look what happened to Beth!

    1. Well, hey, as an American, I realize I shall never have the luxury — nor privilege — to use "snog" or "hobnob" in a sentence ever again.

      Carpe diem! (which is a phrase from a Latin poem, but I digress…)

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