I have found my calling. My life’s work. That which shall bring me joy and comfort throughout the rest of my life.

Competitive rabbit show jumping.

This is the cutest thing you will ever see in your life. Unless you don’t like rabbits, in which case YOU MUST NOT HAVE A SOUL.

I am not even kidding with this.

I can see it now – rabbits wearing sparkly bedazzled harnesses and hopping everywhere. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of heaven, by the way. Rabbit fluff by the pound.

Here’s the scene: Girl, wearing inappropriate shoes, a dress, and pincurled hair leads a rabbit around the show jumping ring. IT PRACTICALLY WRITES ITSELF, PEOPLE.

They do this at the Wisconsin State Fair, apparently, and now I have a good excuse to go there next summer and check it out.

Gird your loins, Milwaukee – here I come.

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