I wanted to title this post something like ‘How to Hang Plates Without Hangers or Nails, Like a Total DIY Gangsta’ but that would have been a bit much even for me. 

But it’s true! It can be done! The nail-free bit comes into play with these babies:
These are small hooks that hold 1/2 pound, so don’t try to hang a platter the size of Rhode Island on your wall and then yell at me when it falls and breaks and you cry. They are the perfect size for saucers, however. 
This bone china (how fancy) saucer was a Goodwill find. Because I happened to have a small plate hanger already, I stuck a Command hook onto the wall, slapped on the plate hanger and hung the saucer. It doesn’t look horrible, but it doesn’t look great either.

That was my last plate hanger, and it seemed silly to buy more when they’re pretty damn ugly, so I Googled instead. As it turns out, people do all sorts of things to hang plates. I decided to go with the paper clip method. After buying some jumbo paper clips, I went to work.

The saucer was one I already owned, so I flipped it over…

 …stuck a paper clip to the back, and hot glued the living shit out of it.

Disclaimer: Yes, that’s an RS Prussia saucer. I have no clue if it’s real or a replica, so I decided to put it to use instead of letting it collect dust in a cabinet. MY FEAR OF BROKEN CROCKERY SHALL NOT RULE ME!


Anyway. Another Command hook, and it was done.

Much better!
I have one larger plate that still needs to be hung, and will need to scope out Goodwill again to find a few more saucers. But overall, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to pull together a display.
Before anyone asks, the paper clip method does not damage the saucers. I glued the paper clip in the wrong spot the first time around and had to pull it off, and all the glue came right off without damaging the finish. 
The saucers have been hanging for about a week now, and show no signs of pulling away from the walls. All is well! 
See you in a few days!

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  1. Your Prussia plate is quite lovely. Leave it to you to find a clever way to hang it so it can be enjoyed daily.

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