Oy vey. My sinuses have knocked me out again the past few days, so everything around here has been quiet. While my husband doesn’t think I’m allergic to the dog herself, he believes all the stuff that she brings into the house and has on her person (dogself?) clogs up my sinuses. You know. Pet dander, dirt, loose hair flying everywhere, slobber flying everywhere, pollen that she tracks into the house from outside.

Plus, most of our house is carpeted, so I basically feel like a bucket of shit all winter. I have no idea if the Mr’s theory is correct, but we’re considering ripping up the carpeting and replacing it with wood just to find out.

Not that this face could ever cause me such distress. No way.

Other than my phlegm-fest over here, there are three things of note – one, PAPAL CONCLAVE. I am not, never have been, nor ever will be a Catholic, but sweet Moses in a taxicab do I love the conclave. It’s my Superbowl, ok? The crazy hats, the red outfits, the secrecy, the Swiss Guard in those ridiculous uniforms, the black or white chimney smoke, the Sistine Chapel. Love it. All they really need is some women up in there to vote. Bitches get stuff done.

I think I need to get me one of those red capelet-thingies they’re wearing. I could pull that off. Which I just looked up and while it is a cape (go me!) it’s technical term is a ‘mozzetta.’ Who knew.

The second thing of note is that the vintage inspired jewelry I’m making for the shop will take a bit longer to be listed than I thought. Everything was going swimmingly, and then I had an adhesive/bubbling issue. I may or may not have called something a cock-knocker. (I did.)

Third, this weekend is St. Patty’s. Can’t fool me. Anyway, my husband’s family is getting together. There may or may not be Reuben sandwiches, chocolate Guinness cake, and alcohol. (There will be.) So I’ve got that to look forward to. I’m making the cake, so I should probably go buy the Guinness, huh?

I’ll  be back on Friday!