Last week I started some seeds for the garden. It’s extremely early to be starting seeds, but I am bound and determined this year to have big beautiful plants to transplant into the garden in May.

Tomato and echinacea seeds. Technically echinacea is supposed to be planted in the fall, but I’m living dangerously this year. Either that or I’m a dunce and the echinacea will be planted this spring only to die and never come back. You never know.

In case you live under a rock and hadn’t heard, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Usually I just make a fancy-ish dinner, but this year my husband stepped up his game and got me a pretty awesome gift. Which was given to me last week because I needed cheering up after The Bobcat Incident.

This year the Mr. hath requested I make the S’More Pie from The Back in the Day Bakery cookbook. I have accepted this challenge, mostly because it means I get to use a blowtorch.

So. I’ll see you back here on Friday, and in the meantime I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you are married, single, or anywhere in between. Eat chocolate. Be merry. Make pie. Drink wine with bubbles in it.

2 thoughts on “Starting Seeds and Valentine’s Day”

  1. How sweet of your husband to know you need something special this year and your kindness in return for planning a yummy pie for your Valentine.

    My sweetie and I will enjoy a nice dinner at home as we learned long ago when we were dating that Valentine's Day is NOT the perfect time to go out to dinner. The restaurants are normally packed and not fun.

    Hope you are feeling much better today.

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