Two Saturdays ago my husband took me out to a logging job in absolutely frigid weather. Nice date, huh?

Here’s what we went out there to see:

The deer were coming in from all over to eat the brush and fallen tree tops.

Once the skidder and chainsaws stopped the deer came closer. At one point we counted 26 of them all around us. Extra brownie points to whoever can count all the deer in this photo:

I looked very fetching in my canvas coat, hoodie, and pink hardhat. Contain your jealousy.

To cap it all off, the sunset was pretty spectacular.

All in all, it was not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

See you Monday!

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Two Dozen Deer”

  1. Hey, a bit of weirdness is just what we all need to start the day. I enjoy your creative spirit and desire to live simply. I think living simply not only teaches us valuable survival lessons (because we honestly can't expect the world to always be so technologically 'sound') but it makes your brain free to break from the status quo.

    (Yes…the "Black Spruce Hound" text on pink items. I think the irony makes it all worth it!)

  2. I vote for a new line of "Blue Spruce Hound" pink hard hats. Love your blog, Beth! Also, I am so jealous of your chickens… I have to get out of the 'city' and back to the country pronto. (If the Zombie Apocalypse comes sooner rather than later, I may get there sooner, ha ha! That's my positive thought for the day…I think I've been watching "The Walking Dead" too much. Yet, I don't understand why they never show any chickens on there!)
    – Your old, used to be down the road from ya 'neighbor'

    1. Ooh now there's a thought, my very own line of pink hardhats. Throw in some pink jackets and I'd be in business!

      Glad you like the blog! Sometimes I'm surprised people keep reading this little corner of weirdness, but I'm very happy they do!

    1. Glad you liked it! My husband has since informed me that the other day they counted 36 deer out there. They must be inviting all their friends to come join the feast.

      The V-Day pie was delicious, but I think it sent us both into diabetic shock. I may have to pawn off some of it onto some unsuspecting relatives!

  3. I love this post! We have deer in our neighborhood and often in our backyard. The most I've ever seen at one time is eight when there was a group of does and fawn. I count eleven in your picture, but there are probably more. We also have the most beautiful and fiery sunsets during the winter, only without the gorgeous snowy backdrop.

    How delicious was your Valentine pie?

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