These pictures were taken through my kitchen window and the squirrel was about 20 yards away, so I’m pretty pleased at how they turned out.

This weekend it is my mission to get some pictures of deer. Which means I’ll be sitting out in the woods freezing my ass off for hours, but I shall prevail.

See you on Monday!

10 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Red Squirrel”

  1. The red squirrel is so much prettier than our gray squirrels. Amazing how he can keep warm during your frigid winters.

    Two dozen deer! I'm completely happy when I see one. Luckily, I can often see them out the window from the comfort of our warm home.

    1. We do have gray and black squirrels as well, but I usually only see them in residential areas for some reason. And on golf courses.

      Seeing that many deer at once is pretty unusual here too! My husband is helping out on a logging job right now and the deer come in to eat the tree tops once the trees have been cut down.

  2. You should have the Mr. drive you out where Dad is working. There are plenty of deer and they're used to people, plus there's the van with the wood stove so you'd be cozy.

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