We’re back to the old standby – the dog. Always the willing subject. Unfortunately the past two weeks have been very uneventful around here as cold weather and a never-ending cold have had me pretty much housebound and pajamabound.

Speaking of never-ending colds, you know when you are getting over a cold and it just won’t go away and you’re congested and phlegmy and just plain unpleasant? My mother-in-law told me that she and a coworker call that ‘monkey snot’ because it keeps hanging around.

I. Died. Laughing.

Anyway. The dog!

She looks sort of Cujo-esque in these pictures, but that’s actually her ‘HEEEEEEEEEEY!?!?! WHY ARE YOU ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE YARD FROM ME!?!?’ face.

See you Monday!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Dog in the Snow”

  1. Your dog doesn't seem to mind the snow at all and I love how her ears look velvety soft in that last photo. Are they as soft as they look?

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