I picked up this cardigan a few months ago at Goodwill. While I loved it the way it was, it was difficult to wear. There are only a few buttons at the top, so a shirt has to be worn underneath it. But it’s cropped, so any shirt I would wear underneath was way too long.

By the way, why do they do that whole ‘buttons on the top but not all the way down’ thing? What’s up with that? “Why yes, please, cover my collarbones BUT MY STOMACH MUST BE AIRED OUT.”

Anyway. I sewed that baby right up and now have a cute cropped sweater.

This little sewing project is a pretty good example of the stuff that’s been going on around here – not a whole lot! This is the time of year when I start to lose my marbles from the long winter, so I’m just trying to keep busy with small projects and new plans for the Etsy shop. More on that next week!

See you on Friday!

One thought on “Cropped Cardigan Refashion”

  1. How clever to sew it closed. Only you would think of doing that and make it much more wearable in the process.

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