This is what I wore on Valentine’s Day – a blue peplum dress with black stripes. I’m only 4 days late in uploading these pictures, so my procrastination isn’t too bad this time around.

I’ve been dying to get on the peplum bandwagon for, oh, about a year now, but I’m too cheap to pay full price for anything and therefore had to wait. The whole peplum thing has been around for quite awhile, but since it’s come back into style it’s been everywhere. 

The dress is a bit too big, but I bought it anyway because it was the only one left, and it was hanging there all alone on a clearance rack. For $6.00.

I’m pretty much in total, desperate licky love with it and now want all peplum, all the time. 
Dress – Kohl’s
Shoes – Amazon Fashion
Belt – thrifted 

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