Ok, so the car my husband drives to work is tiny. He drives it everywhere and through all types of weather, and I’m beginning to think he’s challenging himself to see how far he can push it before getting stuck. Case in point, normal people probably would not take a tiny car here:

It looked worse in person, I promise.  
Cabin fever is a real bitch, and we both had it bad last weekend, hence the “Let’s take our tiny car deep into the woods miles from paved roads!” thing. We brought the dog with us, because she loves her some snow. 

This is what she looks like the vast majority of the time:

I have no idea what she’s smelling under there, but it must be some good shit.

Sometimes she looks like this:

That’s my girl. Demure as ever.

The tiny car survived the trip and got us home with a happy dog, ready to face cabin fever another day.

3 thoughts on “Where Not to Take a Tiny Car”

  1. As a Southerner, I have no idea how to drive in snow. Thank goodness your husband does. And your dog is the picture of bliss.

    1. I've lived in the frozen North my entire life, and I still hate driving in the snow. It seems that most people who aren't used to driving in it think they can still drive as fast as they normally do – they really underestimate how slick everything is.

    2. When it does snow here, the city basically shuts down. It is quite hilly in areas and there are ALWAYS many accidents so they beg everyone to stay off the roads. The snow will melt and refreeze so then there is the ice to deal with. Not pretty.

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