Wearing my hair wrapped up in a scarf a few weeks ago, which led to getting called a “pretty womens” (yes you read that correctly) by a very Damian-ish 8 year old.

Finding one of these in Goodwill made me so happy I did jazz hands the first time I got to use it. Even though bits of nuts fly all over the counter if you’re not careful. Also, I just typed “bits of nuts.”

Still working on the frigging 3-Hour sweater, about 387 hours later.

The dog disapproving of my slovenliness and giving me the stink-eye over leaving my shoes everywhere. I really don’t know why I imagine my dog judges me.

A Christmas gift. I gained about 20 pounds just flipping through it. If you like to bake, I highly recommend it.

Especially since it led to the best banana bread I’ve ever had, with a crackly-sugar top.

And my “to-mend” items, one which has crappily stitched seams all over it, (is crappily a word? If not it should be) the other has a hole in it, and the last one lost a button.

So yeah. Super-random Photo Friday! Yay!
I shall return on Monday! Have a good weekend! 

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Random Happenings”

  1. I've changed my mind. I think the dog is saying, "I found your shoes." After all, he is a hound dog and is probably great at finding things. Well, maybe not so great since you said the shoes have been there for a while. Then again, he may go through the, "I found your shoes" several times a day.

  2. The banana bread looks delicious and I imagine it made your kitchen smell heavenly. I can see your dog thinking, "You don't let ME leave my shoes all over the kitchen floor."

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