January 4, 2013

Photo Friday: Random Happenings

Wearing my hair wrapped up in a scarf a few weeks ago, which led to getting called a "pretty womens" (yes you read that correctly) by a very Damian-ish 8 year old.

Finding one of these in Goodwill made me so happy I did jazz hands the first time I got to use it. Even though bits of nuts fly all over the counter if you're not careful. Also, I just typed "bits of nuts."

Still working on the frigging 3-Hour sweater, about 387 hours later.

The dog disapproving of my slovenliness and giving me the stink-eye over leaving my shoes everywhere. I really don't know why I imagine my dog judges me.

A Christmas gift. I gained about 20 pounds just flipping through it. If you like to bake, I highly recommend it.

Especially since it led to the best banana bread I've ever had, with a crackly-sugar top.

And my "to-mend" items, one which has crappily stitched seams all over it, (is crappily a word? If not it should be) the other has a hole in it, and the last one lost a button.

So yeah. Super-random Photo Friday! Yay!

I shall return on Monday! Have a good weekend! 


  1. The banana bread looks delicious and I imagine it made your kitchen smell heavenly. I can see your dog thinking, "You don't let ME leave my shoes all over the kitchen floor."

    1. Seriously, if you like to bake at all, that book is fantastic. And fattening, but that's a different story.

      Those shoes were there so long I'm surprised the dog didn't claim them as her own.

  2. I've changed my mind. I think the dog is saying, "I found your shoes." After all, he is a hound dog and is probably great at finding things. Well, maybe not so great since you said the shoes have been there for a while. Then again, he may go through the, "I found your shoes" several times a day.


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