There was a DIY very similar to this one on the Nate Berkus Show last year, and later I saw another version of it floating around on Pinterest. And because I suffer from incurable boredom in the winter, I had to try it myself.

If you also suffer from incurable boredom and want to do this project, Thou Shalt Need:

– Acrylic craft paint in as many colors as ya like
– A wooden skewer or something similar
– And to point out the terribly obvious, a vase

This is really very simple. You make a design on the inside of a vase in one paint color, let it dry, and then coat it in a different color. Easy peasy.

The skewer is optional, the design you make on the inside of the vase can be anything. I opted for dots, but you can do fingerprints, drips of different paint colors, a portrait of Jesus, whatever.

To keep the design from running, place it on one side of the vase at first, and hold the vase steady on that side for a few minutes to let the paint set. Then do the other side.

Let the design dry for several hours – it needs to be completely dry before going on to the next step, or it’ll smear and you’ll use lots of cuss words.

Once the design dries, the fun part commences. Pour a different colored paint into the vase, and swirl it all around.

That’s it! I covered all the dots with the yellow paint, to make them stand out a bit better. When I was happy with the way it looked, I let it sit for a few hours to dry, and that was all she wrote.

The total cost for this was less than $2 – the paints were both $0.60 each and I used only a fraction of each color, and the vase was from Dollar Tree.

So for 2 bucks I added a bit of color to my house’s entryway, and temporarily cured cabin fever. DIY for the win!


I’ll be back in a few days for Photo Friday!

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  1. How clever! I was giving you full credit for this fun idea until I reread your message. I still give you kudos for trying it yourself.

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