I’m filing this one under ‘Potential’ for cute holiday hairstyles. And someone please slap me, I almost used the word ‘festive’ in the last sentence, as in ‘festive holiday hair.’ If there’s ever been a word that should never be used to describe hair, ‘festive’ would be it. 
Anywho. Put your hair into a high bun. (I’m going to assume you don’t need step-by-step photos of that, call me crazy.) A smooth bun is best, but I gots an awful lot of hair to try and smooth out and shape into a perfect bun, so mine’s messy. 

Grab thee some pearlage.

Wrap the pearls around the bun with the ends facing the front. Cross the ends.

Begin to wrap the ends around…

…and secure them by wrapping them under the rest of the necklace.

And that’s that!

I rather like it, but I think this should be done with fake pearls. A long strand of plastic pearls would be perfect, and then you could use bobby pins to secure it to the bun. I was using real pearls, and didn’t want to damage them by using pins.

See you on Wednesday, I have a delish recipe to share that involves tacos! (Insert evil laugh here.)

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