That fancy-pants title is there because it sounded better than ‘Having a Bunch of Old Crap in Your House.’

I’m not a huge fan of homes that look like an Ikea store was turned upside down and dumped inside the walls. I love a good mix of old and new, modern and vintage. That mix is what I attempt to achieve in my own home, ergo:

In the living room, a wooden crate instead of an end table.

In the bathroom, an old Coca-Cola crate holds a candle and some rocks from Lake Superior. This is also where I put a book and my glasses when I take a bath. Because I read in the bath. As you do.

Inside the crate are bottles of bath salts.

A blue transferware plate holds my husband’s shaving supplies.

In the bedroom, a gold-rimmed plate holds a candle. 

The table is an old handmade hard maple number that I refinished about 5 years ago. The top is smooth as a baby’s butt, but I left in the majority of the old scratches and scrapes to give it some character.

Our alarm clock and a spare phone sit on an old ammo crate. Please ignore the dangling cord situation I’ve got going on there.

There is another reason I love using vintage items around the home – it’s all just repurposing what you probably already have. Instead of buying a candleholder, I realized I had an old plate lying around and used that instead. Instead of buying small tables, I used a few old crates.

Do any of you have a house full of vintage? Tell me about it in the comments!