It’s Photo Friday! And also Black Friday. I’m nuts, but not nuts enough to actually leave the house to go shopping today. Ergo, I bring you photos of the Thanksgiving Aftermath.

I feel like this:

Because I ate all of this:

Cranberry sauce in the making – with sugar, a cinnamon stick, and orange zest.

Pumpkin, used in lieu of butternut squash to make a yummy pasta sauce.

Homemade cheesecake. Yeah…the cranberry sauce? Not for the meal. It went on top of the cheesecake. I highly recommend. 
Anyway, I’m going to eat leftovers all weekend and gain 412 pounds, and I’ll be back on Monday. And I promise not to talk about food. Pinky-swear. 

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Thanksgiving – The Aftermath”

  1. Oh! The look on your hound dog captures exactly how we ALL felt after our Thanksgiving meal. Love it!

    If you read Bye, Bye Pie, your hound picture would be perfect to submit for your Thanksgiving photo.

    Your meal looked delicious, but what do you do with the pumpkin pasta sauce? That's new to me.

    1. I do read Bye Bye Pie! I completely forgot about the photo submission, I'll have to see if it's still open.

      For the pasta sauce, you roast butternut squash or pumpkin until tender and mash it. Then you cook a little onion and garlic in a saucepan, add the pumpkin, some chicken broth, and season it with salt and pepper. At the end you add a little milk or cream. It's delicious on pasta, especially with sausage and mushrooms.

    2. It sounds wonderful on just about anything. I'll have to try it. Submit your picture to Bye, Bye Pie no later than Monday by emailing it to June, using the Email Me on her blog. Be sure to indicate the name you want her to use when she posts your picture along with the details about the picture. Similar to what you said on your post about feeling like this after your Thanksgiving dinner in whatever location, ie Northern Wisconsin.

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