Things That Happened in the Last 10 Days:

1.) My husband’s car broke (a busted rear strut) so he had to use my car (the fun car, I might add) to go to work. No coche = not being able to take packages to the post office, therefore:

2.) I put the Etsy shop on vacation.

3.) The car would have been fixed a lot faster, but our mechanic (who happens to be my husband; it’s very convenient) fell off a ladder at work. Well, technically he didn’t fall off the ladder, the bottom slid out from under him and he and the ladder went down together. Luckily his face broke the ladder’s fall, which resulted in:

4.) 4 stitches under his nose and a huge scrape down the side of his face, and various other contusions. Nothing serious.

5.) He was able to resume work on his car, but then broke a rear brake line, and:

6.) Discovered the tires were worn so badly from the bad struts that the belts inside the rear tires were showing through. Which meant:

7.) New tires for the car.

8.) But then we had an early Thanksgiving weekend with his family, and I ate way too much, and felt a little like Violet Beauregard. Hunting, visiting, and pie-eating were of the utmost importance, not car-fixing.

9.) Which finally leads me to the point of this whole post – the damn car will be fixed (hopefully) with the next day or two, and the Etsy shop will be back up and running. With new items!

And now I’m exhausted from all this list-making, and may need to go take a nap. Although that may be the carb-overload talking.

2 thoughts on “Hit the Ground Running”

  1. Oh my goodness! As we say in my family, you've had more "fun" than you can stand. So very glad your husband's injuries weren't any more serious. It could have been very, very bad. I'm guessing I know what you were thankful for at your early Thanksgiving feast, besides the pies, I mean, which look fabulous.

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