Last Saturday the Mr and I went to Oshkosh to see an Ansel Adams exhibit at The Paine Art Center.

The Ansel Adams photos were great, but holy cow…the HOUSE. Mansion might be a better word for it, actually.

They don’t allow photos inside the house, but you can take them outside and in the gardens. It was absolutely pissing down rain the whole time we were there, but it let up a bit after we toured the house. I think we were in the gardens for about 10 minutes before it started pouring rain again. And guess who doesn’t own an umbrella? Why yes, yours truly does not own an umbrella. I’m beginning to think this is a serious oversight.

The gardens were gorgeous even in October, so I can’t imagine how good they look in the summer.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous home. What an adventure. We always keep extra umbrellas in our car and I would have been happy to lend you one if, you know, I had been there.

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