…and they are so not getting their dress back.

Because I am the reigning Duchess of Dorkdom, I took about 30 pictures of myself wearing this dress and every.single.one is out of focus in varying degrees. So these are the least blurry of the bunch.

I’ve had this dress for a few months now, but wore it for the first time a week ago. The weather was balmy (balmy, I say!) and I knew this was going to be one of my last chances to wear it before switching to cold-weather clothing.

The dress was an Etsy find, one that languished in my favorites for months because it was out of my budget. When the seller marked it down to $10 (!) I jumped on it.

I accessorized with very Time Lordy nails as well.

Dress – Heart City Vintage, via Etsy
Shoes – Kohl’s

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