Dear Younger Self,

Stop pulling your hair back all the time. What’s up with that? You’ve got hair down to your butt and not a single person in the world (aside from yourself) knows this.

You know how you almost failed gym class in high school because you play volleyball like Daria? It wasn’t funny at the time, but it will be funny later. Much later.

Remember when you hated those stirrup pants in school, circa 1994? You were totally right. Preach it, child.

That Guns N Roses shirt you had in high school…please tell the future me that you didn’t throw that away. And also let future me in on the location of said shirt.

The world does not begin and end with your experiences. Unfortunately it will take you awhile to learn this one, and you will still have problems with it occasionally in the future. It’s cool. For the most part people will forgive your rampant douche-baggery.

That girl? She’s still a crotch. Good call on that one.

There are roughly 5.8 billion people on this planet that are cooler than you are. You will discover this for yourself in the summer of 2006, and you will be okay with it. Hang in there.

Wuthering Heights is still the most frustrating book in the history of all book-dom.

I know you like those low-rise jeans, but they will be a source of mild embarrassment in the future.

Love and kisses,

Future Me

4 thoughts on “Letter to a Younger Me”

  1. OMG, you mentioned "Wuthering Heights"!!! (I've got my Wuthering Heights radar on today.) What do you find so frustrating? (…As I ask like eight months after your initial post… no one said I was super speedy.)

    1. If Catherine had just shut the hell up and married Heathcliff to begin with, she would have spared everybody a whole lot of grief over the years. Not to say that Heathcliff wasn't an ass either, but holy moly.

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