Okay, so this isn’t pertinent information for everyone. I doubt there are people all over the world thinking, ‘My life would be complete except for this damn wrinkled wool!’

Ahem. Anyway. This is for anyone who has ever looked into the face of wrinkled wool and trembled with fear.

First things first, heat your iron. I put mine on the wool setting, and made sure it was also on the Dry setting, not the Steam setting. No water in the iron, please.

Next, get a clean white cloth (so no dye can leach out into your wool garment; a flour sack works perfectly) and dampen it with water. Wring out any excess.

Lay the portion of the garment to be ironed as flat as possible on an ironing board.

Look at that. Wrinkle city.

Place the damp cloth over the portion of the garment you want to iron. Then, iron that sucker. Steam will rise up from the damp cloth, and the steam combined with the heat from the iron will flatten out those stubborn wrinkles. This is a safer way to iron wool than using your iron as you normally would – i.e., having screamin’ hot steam gushing out of your iron onto the fabric.

Note – this will stink. Because wet wool stinks. Like a wet dog that rolled in ashes.

Much better! Repeat until all the wrinkles are gone. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

There is an old-school method of relaxing wrinkles that I have never tried – hanging a garment in the bathroom near the tub while you shower or take a bath. I assume it would work better for thinner fabrics than for wool, but I’ll have to try it and report back.

Have fun!