The before:

The after:

Nothing too exciting, but a huge step up from what it was. The floors I already covered in this post, so I’ll move on to everything else.

After the floor was finished, it was time for the walls. The color is a pale blue, which of course I forgot the name of and cannot find online. I left a white stripe along the top of every wall. The downstairs of the house has low ceilings and leaving a white stripe along the ceiling is supposed to make it look higher. I think it works, to some extent.

My husband made the trim and baseboards from barnwood left over from the old family farm.

I have the room partially decorated, but it’s still a work in progress. Apart from putting a bed in there, so far I’ve hung this print from Kristen Solecki

…put this chair in a corner…

…and put this buffet along one wall in lieu of a traditional dresser. It’s an early 20th century walnut number made in Pulaski, Wisconsin. Yes, I painted a walnut buffet. (And would like to get a ‘HAAAAYY’ for painting all the decorative veneer with a teeny-tiny paintbrush, thanks very much.) The damn thing was so dark, it was like a big black hole. I like it much better now. The mirror hung above it will get painted to match. Eventually.

A few more prints and photos hung on the walls, and she’ll be all done. But for now, it’s a heck of an improvement from what it was!

I’m going to go recover from my DIY hangover now. Over and out.

3 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Remodel”

  1. I love the buffet and the barnwood trim. Along with the fresh paint and striped floors, your guests will never want to leave. Was that the plan?

    If you ever run out of projects, I'm sure I have enough here to keep you busy.

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