Note: I know it’s Halloween, and that this has nothing to do with Halloween. I’ve completely ignored Halloween this year, and shall continue to do so even on the blog. There is no logical reasoning behind this.

Anyway. I bought a jumper dress (which I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture of) ages ago at a thrift store. I loved the fabric and thought it would be great for fall and winter. I had visions of myself looking super cute like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. 

Except…no. I did not look super cute like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. I looked like a complete doofus. Instead of donating the jumper to Goodwill, I gave it a snip.

I cut the skirt portion off, then cut another strip off to use as a waistband.

Then I attached the waistband to the skirt the wrong way and ended up with a seam on the outside of the skirt. Don’t do that.

The seam ripper was put into ample use and I managed to sew the waistband on correctly. Then I hemmed the top of the waistband. I left about 2 inches of the waistband unattached to the rest of the skirt; this little tab was where I sewed on a few hooks. The eye closures went onto the waistband at a nice comfortable spot.

And that was pretty much it. One hour of work and I ended up with a cute new skirt.

I wanted a high-waisted-vintagey number, but the fabric was not working with me. For now it’s fine, but eventually I might take in the waist and add a zipper instead of the hooks and eyes.

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Black and Red Jumper Dress Refashion”

  1. What a lovely ensemble. Not only does that color look so pretty on you, the skirt and top were made for each other. Well done.

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