I am so proud. I’ve just accomplished perhaps the greatest achievement of my lifetime.

My penchant for overdressing for every occasion has finally rubbed off on my husband.

He dressed as the Doctor from Doctor Who for his brother’s wedding.

Please re-read that last sentence and let it soak in. 

While he was unable to find a brown pin-striped suit, as worn by David Tennant while portraying the 10th Doctor, he found a gray suit at Goodwill* for $20. Close enough. Throw in a pseudo-sonic-screwdriver and he was in business.

* And BTW? This is a truly fan-freaking-tastic suit. Older and extremely well-tailored. You never know what you’ll find at Goodwill.

One thought on “That Man”

  1. What a handsome suit and a great find. I'm sure your dressed-up husband and his pseudo-sonic-screwdriver added to the wedding festivities.

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