Photo Friday several weeks ago was nothing but photos of the moon. As it is today. I have a problem. I like sunrises and sunsets, but for me, nothing beats the moon.

And my new camera lets me get close-up shots of the moon that my last camera did not. Me likey.

I took the shot below while standing in the middle of a street a few miles from my house. The elderly couple that drove by seemed quite concerned.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Moon, Again”

  1. You must have a super camera to get that first shot. Several years ago, my husband purchased a framed set of nine photographs titled "Phases of the Moon". Each photograph is exactly the same size as is the moon in each photo, but each shows a different phase of the moon so the entire set shows the full cycle. You might like to do something like that for yourself as much as you enjoy the moon.

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