These pictures are blurry for two reasons – I was taking them through a window (bad) and the little bastards would move every single time I clicked the shutter (also bad).

These were taken about 2 weeks ago, when a flock of a dozen or so northern flickers landed in the yard. Incidentally,  ‘flicker’ has to be about the most fun bird name ever.

See you Monday!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: A Flock of Flickers”

  1. Notice the red heart-shape on the third photo. Although it has been some time since I've seen a flicker, I never seen the heart-shape previously. I've been enjoying the hummingbirds at the feeder this summer. They have not left yet for their winter resort, but are most likely packing their miniature bags.

    1. Ack, all our hummingbirds headed for the hills quite a while ago. We've been having cold, dreary weather here for the past week (plus lots of frost, of course) so everybody's headed south – the geese have been flying south for about two weeks already.

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