Coop cleaning time!

Right now the birds are still in a pen and coop that were meant to be a temporary fix after a raccoon attack last year. This month I’m hoping to have their new coop all fixed up and ready to go; their new coop being our old garden shed.*

While I clean the coop and chuck all the dirty wood shavings into the compost pile, the birds run around the yard.

And let’s not forget dust-bathing, a most important aspect of chicken-hood. 

I keep the fresh wood shavings in a 55 gallon drum with a tight fitting lid. This way, I’m able to store the shavings outdoors and they stay nice and dry.

Once the new shavings are put in the coop, it’s inspection time.

I believe I have passed inspection this time around. Sigh of relief.

* This project is currently at a standstill because I saw a spider the size of a goddamn Buick in the shed I’m supposed to be cleaning and painting. My husband finished cleaning it out and de-spidered it, but thinks the huge one I saw in there has a massive web on the back of the shed. So until he deals with that, homegirl won’t go in the shed.

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  1. The birds are beautiful and I can't blame you one bit for avoiding massive spiders. That spider scene in Harry Potter gave me the creeps.

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