This skirt was thrifted this past winter. I wore it a few times, thinking it was probably better suited for the fall. Instead I ended up hating the length. Ankle length denim is just weird. Say it with me. It’s weird.

So. I chopped the length!

First, I put the skirt on and marked the length I wanted – in this case, knee length.

I measured the mark, and then marked the skirt at that length all the way across.

Give it the snip!

Then I busted out the iron and made a nice flat new hem.

The new hem was sewn up with color-matching thread, and that was that. A new skirt, in only about 20 minutes. 

This length is much better. It’s good for warm weather, but I think it’ll be great in winter as well, paired with leggings.

Sew on!

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