It’s like a natural history exhibit up in here.

First, this huge mushroom in the driveway, which we were letting grow just to see how big it would get. In the name of science. Then it was run over, sadly, so we’ll never know.

I’ve been throwing firewood into the basement on a daily basis this past week, getting ready for the chilly weather on the way. I’ve encountered no less than 3 snakes. One of which was in the basement.


This guy, on the basement door.

And then later, after I managed to catch him. He appears very menacing, but he was about 8 inches long and as wide as a number 2 pencil.

I’m beginning to think that most people maybe don’t stop to take pictures of the snakes they’ve caught in their basements. (I just dug through my photos a bit and found a few more snake pictures, including one of a 2 foot pine snake in the basement. Clearly I have issues.)

I’ll be back in a few days with a snake-free post!

4 thoughts on “A Mushroom in the Driveway and a Snake in the Basement”

  1. I'm fine with snakes as long as they are nonpoisonous and outdoors although we have had our share of hatchlings in the basement. I never found their mother so I hope they slipped in under the door. And, yes, I also take pictures of snakes I find in the yard. There is just something about them.

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