There are a few things going on ’round these parts. Like a broken chimney liner that could potentially cost nearly $1,000 to fix, which ends up turning my husband into Red Green, trying to think of ways to fix it on the cheap. That in itself is enough to drive a person nuts, but throw in a wedding, family health issues, a dog with seasonal allergies (!) and now CAN I JUST CRAWL UNDER A ROCK PLEASE!? Oh yeah, and my car needs a transmission filter. Gah. 

So. Even though I’m stressing about things I can in no way, shape, or form fix, I’m also trying to focus on the stuff that I can accomplish. Like preserving all the lovely veg coming out of the garden right now. Put up enough pickles to feed 4 counties, and you’ll feel better about the world in general. Trust me on this. 

This season’s current total:

4 half-pints of strawberry rhubarb jam
21 pints of dill pickles
6 pints Bing cherries
7 pints bread and butter pickles
5 half-pints of sweet pickle relish
4 pints of sweet pickled beets

I’m planning on getting a pressure canner as well, now that I’ve been assured they are safer than they used to be and the chances of having my face melted off are slim. If that pans out, I’ll be canning soups and stocks this fall.

And still coming up in the next few weeks (hopefully) – tomatoes!

2 thoughts on “A Canning Fool”

  1. I ordered 2 boxes of peaches as part of a fundraiser for a school in town. I didn't know when they'd arrive, and neither did anyone else. Lo and behold, they came at the worst possible time. I was able to get 2 quart jars and 2 pint jars canned. I made a giant peach cobbler, and the rest got thrown away *sob*. This incident will heretofore be known as Peachgate.

    Anyways, love your blog! I just started reading it today!

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