I bought this shirt in early May. (I only remember this because it was the same day we bought our new-to-us car, and that’s the sort of thing that sticks in your head. Not shirt-buying. That would be weird.)

Just a regular run-of-the-mill cheap shirt to wear on these screamin’ hot summer days.

It’s been through the wash probably less than a dozen times, and lo.

Pilling. My favorite.

This stretchy, jersey cotton fabric is from Satan. It’s official. Not only does it pill like a mofo, but it always seems to collect grease stains in my washing machine. I don’t know why this is, but this is the only type of fabric I’ve ever seen that goes into the wash cleaner than it comes out.

On the other hand, things I’ve bought at various thrift stores and secondhand via Ebay and Etsy, for even less money than I paid for this shirt from Hades:

A modern garment made in China, but made of silk.

Actual cotton!

More silk. 

A vintage dress, made in the United States. 

A vintage slip, made in the U.S. The mind boggles. 

Vintage Pendleton! Wool! Not outsourced! 
The concept that mass-produced low-cost clothing has less-than-awesome quality is nothing new, but bears repeating. Buying vintage and/or secondhand, paying less money, and getting better quality garments? Makes this girl very happy.