1.) They look nice just sitting there, you have to admit. Makes you look fancy. 

2.) Typing invitations.

3.) Typing up ransom demands.

4.) Typing notes for photo albums or scrapbooks.

5.) Use one to type up your thank-you notes if you have horrendous handwriting. Like I do. But always sign the notes yourself! Manners, people.

6.) Typing up favorite poems or quotes to frame and hang around the house.

7.) Using it anytime you want to indulge your inner Hemingway.

8.) Anonymous hate mail.

9.) Typing recipes.

10.) Use for holiday cards or other cards and notes.

Ribbons are still available for a lot of typewriters, so go ahead and dig yours out of the attic and get crackin’!

4 thoughts on “What to do With That Old Typewriter You’ve Had for 40 Years”

  1. My typewriter looks like a twin of yours although it is tan instead of white. And, yes, it is forty years old!

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