Good Lord, I’m talking about underwear again. My parents will be so proud.

Anyway. Those of us that love to wear dresses are always aware of the ‘skirt blows up and shows everyone your bizness’ danger. While store-bought tap pants or pettipants aren’t that expensive, they can be made at home easily. And with cuter fabric, which is of utmost importance.

A while back I made bloomers from this free Colette pattern. The original post can be read here. While I still like the bloomers, they are rather voluminous and can be bulky when worn under a dress.

I figured I could use the same pattern to make tap pants. And I was right! It only needed one small modification – just hemming the legs instead of inserting ribbons or elastic.

I use one piece of elastic in the waist instead of two, as the pattern suggests.

A plain old hem on the legs means there is less bunching and bulkiness – they can be easily worn as tap pants under a skirt or dress.

I promise this is the last time I’ll talk about underwear on here. For awhile, anyway.