This is how I was wearing my hair in the previous post – a low back roll.

There are several different methods of back rolling, but this is the easiest one I have found for long hair. It doesn’t require a hair rat, or 7,683 bobby pins.

First, put your hair into a low ponytail. Pull the hair tie down 1-2 inches, just enough so that you can get your fingers in front of it.

Now do a flip-through ponytail – divide the hair in front of the hair tie in half. Push your fingers up through, like in the photo above. Grab the end of your ponytail in the other hand, grab it with your fingers, and pull it through the opening.

Try to do it slightly neater than I did in the photo below.

Then, do it again. If your hair is really long, do it again. Keep doing this until you’ve only got a few inches of hair left.

Take the loose ends and tuck them inside the space that you’ve been flipping the hair through. While you’re doing this, begin tucking and rolling. Tuck all the loose hair into the roll, and keep rolling the hair. It may take a minute or two to really form the hair into a rolled shape, so just keep at it. Pin the roll into place. 


This was not the neatest roll I’ve ever done. (I did it again later in the day and it turned out much better. (Of course.) 

Roll on!