First of all, I do not understand why having wavy hair is now called ‘beach hair.’ Do all women at the beach have wavy hair? Is this a new requirement? Do you have to turn around and go home if you do not have wavy hair?

Second of all, this came about because of Pinterest. I kept seeing this one tutorial in particular on how to get beachy hair, and it made no sense to me. And the big ‘after’ photo was puzzling – to me, it looked more like bedhead.

So, in the name of Science, I give to you the lazy chick’s guide to beach hair.

You shall need:

– Wet hair. Not soaking wet, but nice and damp.
– Mousse or other styling product is probably unnecessary, but if you love you some product, go ahead.
– 4 hair ties. Easy peasy. 

Grab 4 hair ties. 

Divide your hair into two big bunches. Then divide the bunches in half, for 4 sections of hair. 
Note: How many sections you have will depend on your hair. I have long, thick hair and did 4. If your hair is really thick, you could do 5 or 6. For thin hair, 2 is probably sufficient. 

Braid each section of hair and tie it off with a hair tie. As you braid each section, don’t braid the hair tightly. Make sure it’s loose and has plenty of slack. Tight braids = hair that looks crimped. Loose braids = waves. 

Because you’re going to look like a whang-doodle with all those braids, wrapping your hair in a scarf is a good idea. Plus, the scarf helps to keep the ties in place.

And now go to sleep. Leave the hair in braids for at least 8 hours.

The next morning, undo the braids. Finger comb your hair. If you have any frizzies, apply a smoothing serum.

And there you have it. Beach hair.