I make soap. It’s interesting. Who doesn’t want a SPILL THIS AND ALL SHALL PERISH episode every now and again?

I started making soap a few years ago, mainly because I feel the need to try everything at least once. I’ve kept up with making it because it often works out to be cheaper than even mass-produced soaps (this batch cost me around $0.60 a bar), and because it makes my skin softer, clearer, and less prone to breakouts.

My soaps usually consist of lard and olive oil, sometimes with a third oil mixed in. This time around I used a good amount of coconut oil in addition to the lard and olive oil.

My soap molds are 2 (13 x 9 inch) cake pans lined with wax paper. These molds will hold a 4 pound batch of soap. This batch made 31 bars – more than enough to supply my husband and I for an entire year, even if I give some away as gifts.

A few things I’ve learned over the years:
– Lye burns hurt. A lot. Ask me how I know this.
– I have yet to meet someone who has used homemade soap and didn’t love it.
– A homemade bar of soap generally lasts longer than mass-produced soap.
– Making soap makes you feel a bit like a mad scientist. What’s that? It just makes me feel like a mad scientist? Oh. Okay.

Over and out.

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