I hate the word ‘landscaping,’ so I’m going to avoid using it in this post. It sounds so poncy, like I’m putting in a koi pond and a gazebo with a jukebox that plays only Barry Manilow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Instead of sewing pretty dresses or wearing polyester blouses, I ripped the sod off 1/4 of the yard! By myself! Because I am clinically insane!

I did it because the husband and I both think mowing the lawn is a colossal waste of time and resources. If I had my druthers (word of the day!) the lawn would be replaced almost entirely with perennials, shrubs, and vegetables. In short, anything that doesn’t need to be mowed. I’ll get there someday. Maybe.

The bed was planted between the house and the sidewalk that runs from the front door to our garage.

Here’s the before (ignore the 8 inch tall grass please):

The During:

And the After:

The bed includes hyssop, St. Johns’s Wort, prunella, wild bergamot, pink daylilies, pansies, begonia, and wild roses. The pansies and begonia may not survive the winter here, so they may be replaced with hardier perennials next spring. I had planned on putting in several more plants, but I think I may just let these go for now and worry about it again next spring. Yay for procrastination!

Total Tally
Sod removed – roughly an asston
Snakes – 1
Scary spiders – 1
Pulled hamstrings – 2

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  1. What a project! I know you will love the flowerbed much better than mowing. Can't wait for photos once the flowers bloom.

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