Also known as the ‘Just-in-Case the World Should End To Do  List, Which is in No Particular Order of Importance.”

Now that we’re very nearly halfway through 2012 (already!?) I thought I’d give an update on the 2012 JCWSELWPOI, originally posted in January. 

If you have no clue what I’m on about, click here to read the original post. 

Here’s the original list in its entirety: 

1.) I’m so making baked Alaska. BOOM. The gauntlet has been thrown, bitches.

2.) Learn how to play the guitar.

3.) Ride on a motorcycle.

4.) Sew a dress from a vintage pattern.

5.) Visit Taliesin. Here I come, Frank Lloyd Wright! This trip also may or may not include the House on the Rock.

6.) Buy a 1950s dress.

7.) Donate to the local animal shelter.

8.) Watch these classics: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction, North by Northwest, Schindler’s List, and To Kill a Mockingbird. 

9.) Make a souffle.

10.) Sleep under the stars. This one might be tricky, because I hate bugs. We’ll see.

11.) Watch 5 sunrises in a row.

12.) Get in the car one morning and take a road trip without knowing where we’re going.

13.) Go on a picnic.

14.) Have my favorite photos that I’ve taken printed, and hang them in my home.

15.) Plant a tree.

16.) Become a micro-lender on

17.) Make 2 vegan desserts.

18.) Eat 5 foods I’ve never eaten before.

19.) Print out all my digital photos and put them in albums, so that I actually have physical copies of them. I’m 4 years behind on this. Help. 

20.) Finish reading Don Quixote.

Ho-kay. So I’ve accomplished a few things off my list. And am wondering why in God’s name I wanted to finish reading Don Quixote.

– Vegan desserts – done!
– I watched Casablanca. And now I get what all the fuss is about.
– I’ve purchased some vintage patterns, and have so far made 1 dress and 1 skirt.

– And there has been a slight change of plans – I’m no longer planning on visiting Taliesin, just The House on the Rock. This is hopefully going to happen sometime this summer.
– Digital photos? Done! I almost had a heart attack when I saw all those prints, but I persevered.

– I had some of my favorite photos printed and hung them on a wall in the living room. I’m cheap frugal, and used frames from the dollar store.

– I made a Brownie Baked Alaska. It was tooth-achingly sweet, but good.
– I donated to the local animal shelter after I saw the pictures of all their cute pit bulls.
– We planted an apple tree in the backyard.

Six more months to go! My husband is looking forward to getting me on a motorcycle, so I have no doubt that I’ll accomplish that one. Unfortunately.