Does everyone still do spring cleaning? Is it still a thing? Or am I stuck in the past one this one? Either way, I am spring cleaning this place like a boss.

Spring is here! It’s a cardinal! Random photo that has nothing to do with anything!

I’m one of those freaks that loves cleaning, so this is usually a happy time for me. Since I keep the house pretty tidy to begin with, spring is the time when I clean all that stuff that gets forgotten about the rest of the year. All the windows are thrown open, music is put on, and the cleaning commences.

Some of these things have already been completed, some still need to be tackled:
– Wash all the curtains and hang out on the line to dry
– Begin full-frontal attack on the knotty pine in the living room with oil soap
– Wash all throw blankets and hang out on the line to dry
– Wash all the heavy winter bedding and bring out the lighter stuff
– Shampoo the carpets in the house

The carpets were shampooed (or is it ‘steam cleaned’ now? I can’t keep up with all these fancy new terms!) a few months ago, but I might do it again. Just ’cause.

Now that the weather is warm the chicken coop and run need much more attention. Not that anyone needs to hear read this, but holy wow does duck poo stink.

And the garden needs to be tilled.

And now I’m starting to get mildly overwhelmed here. I’ll stop now.

Anyone else spring cleaning? Or is it just weirdos like me?

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

    1. Thanks, my coat came out great! Even sat down and sewed up the fraying button holes after it was dry.

      Also tried your homemade pumpkin spice lattes with friends today, delicious! Love the blog.

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