When the weather is nice my preferred method of exercising is walking. I’m generally cooped up in the house all winter and it’s such a relief to get outside and walk. I try to get in at least 1 mile every time I go out.

This is my usual view, no matter what road I’m on. Living in the middle of nowhere has its perks, like low traffic.

I see animals, like Monsieur Duck and his lady friend. So far I haven’t seen any bears, and am hoping my luck holds in that department. I haven’t seen any low flying eagles either. I’m slightly more terrified of an eagle swooping down and eating my liver than I am of being mauled by a bear. Strange but true.

My plan of action in case I see a bear charging at me is to run like hell. And try to take a picture, because really, how often does one get chased by a bear? It’s a Kodak moment. My plan of action may also involve wetting my pants and throwing my shoes at said charging bear. Hey, I never said it was a good plan.

Algae-ish weirdness in a culvert. 

Monsieur Duck, by himself this time.

Not only do I love 70s polyester, I also love to listen to 70s tunes when I’m out walking. Elton John, The Who, and Led Zeppelin make frequent appearances. Sometimes I switch it up and will listen to Stone Temple Pilots or some other more modern band.

What do you listen to when you work out?

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