The garden is planted! I feel very proud of myself. I planted a bit early this year because the weather has been so agreeable. This may or may not come back to bite me in the ass. We shall see.

This year’s garden is pretty small; I’ve only planted 6 things. Beets, lettuces, spinach, corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers. All the favorites, and none of the stuff that won’t get eaten. These are raised square foot garden beds. That desperately need to be weed-whacked, but we’ll ignore that for now.

We’ve also planted an apple tree! Hopefully it will cross-pollinate with our lonely crab apple and we’ll get some fruit within the next few years.



So far, so good. It will be a successful summer if no one gives me a zucchini the size of a garden gnome. I mean, honestly. There’s only so much a person can do with a zucchini the size of a garden gnome.

Anyone else planted a garden this year?

4 thoughts on “Garden 2012”

  1. I'm still working on getting my garden in. I'm hoping to get it finished this weekend. I started somethings under rows covers, and I actually have lettuce now almost ready, But most of it is tiny seedlings.
    What do you like to do with beets? I plant them every year. I usually make a jar or two of beet pickles, and maybe cook up a beet or two and puree for my non-chemical version of Red Velvet Cake. But then a bunch of beets I never do anything with.
    I just want to tell you, I have a teenage daughter who absolutely loves vintage clothing. I told her about your site and that you've sewn some vintage styled pieces. She's going to check them out. She's wanting to sew a vintage styled dress this summer. We were in an antique/vintage shop yesterday and they had a bin of old patterns. She was in heaven!

    1. Sweet pickled beets! Honestly, that's what I do with 98% of the beets. The other 2% I roast in the oven and eat.

      It's great your daughter found vintage patterns – they are getting hard to find! Vogue and Butterick also reprint vintage patterns from the '50s and '60s, so their web sites are a good place to check out.

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